September 2019


The Quiet Leader

Some businessmen, like David Langton, focus on the day to day, striving for improvement, only to be shocked to hear they are admired as leaders by those who orbit around them.

The Helping Hand

Bob St. Jacques is the personification of the helping hand. Ask anyone and they describe a pro who is there to lend a hand, generous with insight and feedback, and who answers when the bell is wrung.

Fitting Tribute

The 2019 class of Leadership Award recipients reflect what is great about the professional snow and ice management industry.

Finance & Accounting

Sales Taxes On A Universal Scale

With the Supreme Court’s Wayfair ruling you are — or soon will be — responsible for tracking the ever-changing sales tax laws in every state where you provide winter services or have sales to ensure compliance.

The Real Cost of Borrowing

Calculate the cost of all available loan options so you’re in a position to make a smart borrowing decision.


Recruitment on a budget

Sourcing can be stressful, but with a game plan, and a little creativity, you can find the best talent with little, or even no budget.

To Catch A Thief

Contractors share how high-tech tools enable them to curb costly incidents of theft and vandalism to snow and ice equipment.

Five Culture Killers

Avoid these double-edged sword philosophies or have the rug swept out from under your company’s overall mission and set it drastically off track.

Keeping Up With The Client

Customers expectations have grown in recent years. Fortunately, so has the snow industry’s ability to keep pace.

ASCA Update

Two Events; One Recap

ASCA Executive Director Kevin Gilbride discusses what was accomplished by co-locating Snow Show and Executive Summit this year.

Steel City Success

2019 Snow Show in Pittsburgh exposed attendees to education, industry networking, and cutting-edge technology.

Stranger Things

The insurance industry preps for a “hard” market and the inevitable shrinkage.