May 2020



Cover Story

Survive to Fight Another Day

The business challenges put forth by the Coronavirus pandemic are nothing new, argues veteran snowfighter Mike Jones. Instead, take lessons from past events to best prepare your ops for the future.

Survive The Virus

A variet of government-backed programs are in place to assist your business through this crisis. We untangle the alphabet soup of programs and grants available to you.

Seeing Green

Residential accounts could prove to be a valuable financial safety net for your snow ops. Snowfighter Mike Callahan shares how he leveraged these accounts in his ops.

A Little Off The Top

Managing your overhead plays a significant role in your financial success and can be the key to survival during a time of crisis.

Planning & Strategy

Be More To The Customer

Don’t take your client relationships for granted. Be proactive and create more opportunities for engagement by learning how to actively manage your customer and prospect interactions.

Put Into Practice What You Preach

Defining your company values is easy, says Invictus CEO Brad Caton. It's not until everyone starts living them do the benefits emerge.


Get With The Plan

Your snow ops requires a vision for its future. Therefore, you need a solid plan that acts as a blueprint you and your team should follow.

Liquid Solutions

Converting from rock salt to liquid anti-icing products brings several benefits for professional snow and ice managers.


Keep the Culture Alive

The work-at-home program is a new concept for this industry. To ensure success, follow these steps to make sure it becomes part of your company’s culture.

Take The Lead

Changes is inevitable. Follow these essential steps to navigate your team through the minefield of uncertain times.

Letting Go

Five critical steps to let good people go with compassion, candor and reassurance about the future.

Risk & Liability

State of Insurance

Insurance industry insider Michael Moncada assess the insurance industry and how recent trends impact the professional snow and ice management industry.

Living on the EDGE

Achieving success in turbulent times is not easy. Four keys to evaluate your situation, chart a course and create opportunities to develop a real strategy for enduring success.

Down To One

When it comes to meeting with subordinates, one doesn’t have to be the loneliest number. Learn how to make one-on-one meetings highly productive.

ASCA Update

ISO updates & Covid-19

Now is a great time to advance your staff with training, on-going education and certifications, including ISO 9001/SN 9001.