Snow Magazine May 2017 Digital Edition


Cover Story

now what do you think?

Is snow and ice management still worth the risks? We ask veteran snow fighters if entering the market is still a sound business decision.

Good, gone bad

Your snow and ice management operation is getting larger and more powerful, and your experiencing great ROI from hard work. So why do profits go bad, and how do you avoid it from happening in your business?

Undivided Attention

Have you been asking yourself what went wrong when customers switch to another snow and ice contractor? Here are three questions that capture your customer's attention.

Don’t Ignore Red Flags

Your snow and ice company may need an overhaul. Here are eight indicators that demand action.

Professional Development

Getting philosophical

Without a sustainable business philosophy to act as your guide, professional success will remain just out of reach. Eight philosophical roads that will lead you nowhere, and one direction that might lead to long-term prosperity.

Get off the wheel for good

Throw out your old notions of time management and adopt a new strategy. Seven ways you can do more with the hours in your day while maintaining a sense of balance and happiness.

Finance & Accounting

ESOPs Fables

Employee Stock Ownership Plans are more than a tool for retiring small snow and ice removal professionals, or a path to easing their way out of the business. Here are the good and the bad to consider it for your company.

When income counts

New accounting rules offer fresh guidelines for determining how and when to record revenues.


NO Experience Required

ways to hire employees who will stay longer, complain less and produce more for your snow and ice management operation.


Keep the Mo

Motivation is the key to any organization’s success, so don’t struggle to keep your people in the game.

Under pressure

While the stakes may not be as high on the assembly line or in the cubicle, dealing with diversity in the workplace is an obstacle that stands in the way of productivity.

ASCA Update

Legislative inroads

The ASCA continues to gain ground with elected officials and how they can assist the snow and ice management industry

Head for the Rockies

Nestled among the Rocky Mountains, Park City, Utah, plays host the 2017 Executive Summit.