September 2021



All In The Family

At Diaz Group, you’re not just an employee. You’re part of the family.

Going His Own Way

Brilar CEO Larry Yaffa worked his way up through the ranks in the family business until one day he was its leader.

Top 100

This year’s top-performing professional snow and ice management operations in the US and Canada based on Winter 2020-21 revenue.

Harvesting The Money Tree

Gain insight on the cash flow opportunities to bring your snow and ice management back to pre-pandemic operating levels.

3 Things More Valuable Than Pay

Here are a trio of strategies for business leaders to focus on when trying to win the recruiting-and-retention talent war.

Match Game

Understanding your clients decision making process will reduce your waste and improve your ability to get signatures on winter service contracts.


Execute A Strategic Plan

A strategic plan outlines where you want your snow and ice management operation to be in the future and how you’re going get there.

What You Mutter Matters

Be mindful of throwaway comments. What you toss out during a professional conversation may end up damaging a fledgling business relationship.

ASCA Update

View From The Summit

Fresh off the ASCA’s annual Executive Summit, I wanted to share some of the insights this year’s attendees shared with me while at the event.

We Meet Again

Executive Summit attendees embrace the return to networking and collegial conversations, as well as celebrate this year’s Leadership Award recipients and top performing companies.