September 2016


Cover Story

It’s your move

Battling city hall, the county or statehouse over zoning issues, unfairly levied fines, property tax assessments and, yes, tax bills, can be expensive. We provide you with ways to stay afloat.


RFP pitfalls

The RFP sets the stage for the entire snow season. That’s why there’s no margin for error. Four common pitfalls to avoid.

Eye on the storm

Preparing for the unknown is tough, and there’s no greater variable than Mother Nature. Snow contractors offer their insight on how to watch for weather and react to reports.

Finance & Accounting

Last, but not least

The “Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015” passed late in December 2015 is causing many professional snow removal and ice management professionals to scramble to take advantage of tax breaks.

Dealing with troubled customers

When building a snow and ice management business, many are tempted to take on every customer. Unfortunately, this mistake all too often leads to postseason collection problems.

Take a mental holiday

Finding a balance between work and life is a difficult task for many working professionals. Sometimes, taking a vacation can be just what the doctor ordered.

Listen up!

The workplace is littered with distractions that break your focus. Build better employee engagement by shutting up and opening your ears.

A garden of growth

David Lammers, president of Garden Grove Landscaping, has grown his company and his life through the tenants of faith, integrity and dedication.

Born To Lead

Few people are destined from adolescence to become trailblazers in their field, but Peter Smolka may come as close as anyone.

The Road Home

Joe Kujawa may not have been raised in the snow business, but he was born for it, and his professional detours along the way prepared him to impact the industry in unique ways.

ASCA Update

Snow Academy Update

Baltimore and Denver play host to one-day, ASCAsponsored educational programs later this month.