October 2020



Cover Story

The To-Do List

Don’t let downtime get you DOWN. We provide the tasks to pursue in between snow events that’ll transform your ops into a lean, mean snow-fighting machine.

Work/Life Balance in the Virtual Workforce

When you work remotely there’s very little natural boundary between your workday and the rest of your life. Apply these tips to build and maintain greater balance so work doesn’t take over everything else.

You Don’t Have All The Answers

It’s okay to admit your leadership uncertainty. And once you embrace this, you will find tremendous opportunities in uncertainty to help shape a positive future.

Finance & Accounting

Opportunity Knocks

Seeking a patch for rapid growth? Or perhaps an avenue to cash out? An M&A may be the answer you’ve been seeking, and now may be the best time to pursue it.

Survive A PPP Audit

Honesty and clarity go a long way toward preventing, dealing with and surviving when the IRS comes calling.

Defining Income

New accounting standards attempt to set the record straight as to when your snow and ice revenue is considered income.


Don’t Get Ghosted

Three steps to minimize the risk of having promising job candidates from appearing and then seemingly disappearing in the mist.

Happy Employees Don't Just Happen

The economy is a mixed bag right now, so it’s critical for you to focus on employee happiness. Here are eight ways to get started.


The Devil in the Details

Snow contractors must prepare for any contingency. Here are five particularly troublesome property issues to be aware of that may get overlooked during site planning.

Embrace Data!

Utilizing data creates big opportunities for your snow and ice management business. Here are three insights that fit any-sized operation.

ASCA Update