October 2018


Say “No” the Right Way

We all have to say no at times. Some people find it easier than others. What is interesting is that almost all of us struggle with the right way to say it.

Balancing Act

Technology can enhance client relationships, but it’s no substitution for face time. Make better use of high-tech tools without losing the personal touch with clients.

Eliminate Liability

Because the goal is to provide safe surfaces throughout winter, sidewalks must get the attention they deserve.

The Easy Answer

Are you debating ISO certification? The question you really should be asking yourself is why would you not become an ISO certified snow contractor?

Sales & Marketing

What’s Your Story

The businesses that stand out don't just state "we are the best" or focus on their ROI. Rather, they tell a story that sparks a connection with prospect.


Low-Snow Market Mayhem

Smart planning and sound direction, established well in advance of snow season, will keep your business on track when the mega-event arrives.

Adaptable Operations

Regardless of winter’s conditions, snow contractors must remain flexible and be willing to adapt their businesses to meet any challenge.

Adopt a new strategy

Sometimes being a good communicator is as simple as listening to understand, rather than listening to respond.

Finance & Accounting

Moving Deductions

It pays to understand the financial nuances associated with your vehicles, including the revamped mileage deductions, buying versus leasing and writing off newly acquired vehicles.

Flipping for Family Partnerships

While the IRS may not like FLPs for their ability to transfer wealth within a family and minimize transfer taxes in the process, they are a perfectly legitimate multiple tax-reducing strategy.


Flow Breakers

Distractions abound in the workplace. Weed out these common interruptions and improve your team’s focus.

More Than Hired Guns

Four ways to build the right team of service providers for your snow operation.

Supporting Cast

Developing a strong winter administrative team could include bringing in seasonal support staff.

ASCA Update

The State of Snow Insurance

Insurance insider Matthew J. Peterson celebrates the strides the ASCA’s insurance program has made over the last year, and highlights some of the hurdles that still need to be overcome.