May 2021



Cover Story

Decoding Culture

Snow professionals dive deep into what makes a winning corporate culture, how it's established, and how to maintain it for the long term.

Coping With Worker Costs

A look at higher labor costs and a methodology that can help business owners attempting to cope with the all-too-real threat of escalating labor costs and even a minimum wage hike.

The Cost of Doing Business

Accurate cost accounting means pricing your services more realistically and then passing those costs to down to the customer.

Actually, It Is You

Great customers are great customers. So, why aren’t they your customers? Four correctable mistakes to keep them from dumping you and ensure they remain signed with you for years to come.


Learn how to apply an improved strategic approach to take your business’s social media efforts to the next level.


Ready for 2030?

Your strategic plan is a living document that changes and grows with the scope of your work. Learn how to research and incorporate what you find into your strategic plan.

Advising From Both Sides

Having been an owner who's utilized consultants and now is serving as a professional advisor, industry veteran Joe Kujawa shares tips on how to get the most out of working with consultants.

Critical Conditions

No two properties or winter events are the same. To improve your performance, consider these key factors when coordinating your deicing and anti-icing strategy.


“Thanks” IS Needed

As managers seek ways to a boost of positivity and productivity, don’t underestimate the power of a simple “thank you.” Here are seven way to thank your people for their hard work.

Feed Your Mind

Your mind is the key to your future. Learn how to feed it a steady supply of impactful thoughts to become more valuable to your business.

Ignore the Chatter

To engage in a new endeavor, a business innovation, or even a risk learn how to ignore critics’ negative feedback or deafening silence. And instead, persevere on the path to success.

ASCA Update

Embrace The Unknown

One thing is certain, there’s a fair amount of uncertainty in snow and ice. And this year was no different.

It’s On!

The snow and ice industry’s leading professional development and networking conference returns as an in-person event scheduled for Aug. 2-4 at Florida’s Omni Amelia Island Resort. Registration is now open.

Legal Update

The latest on litigation trends and the steps snow professionals can take to protect themselves.