May 2019


Cover Story

Getting A Grip

Snow fighters share the lessons they learned overcoming adversity during a zany season of winter weather.

Finance & Accounting

In The Crosshairs

The IRS’s attention to payroll taxes means more and more “responsible persons” are getting hit with a whopping 100-percent penalty for failures. How to remove yourself from the blast radius.

Home Sweet Office

Merely having a space at home used as an office doesn’t mean an automatic tax deduction. Learn who is eligible for the home office expense deduction.

Customer Service

Good On The Phone

Does your company’s phone skills leave a little to be desired with customers? One dozen tips to keep you from being left with a dial tone.

Ponder before you post

When considering social media, snow fighter Troy Clogg suggests a mental inventory of your goals, intentions, and what the posts really say about you.

Sales & Marketing

How Human Are You?

At work do you care more about profits or people? In sales, are you and the company more interested in making quota than taking care of the customer?

Your Best Salesperson

Referrals from clients who like and trust you will exponentially grow your business. Eight ways to create a system that keeps them rolling in.

Mega Boost

It can feel like a life or death matter when you aren't reaching the profits you need to survive and grow. Four ways to get out from under that stress.


The 21st Century People Dilemma

Cultivating your teams means recruit and retaining the best. Harvest Group’s Fred Haskett lays the foundation for long-term labor success.

Adopt An Unfair Advantage

What makes this advantage unfair, according to snow fighter Mike Voories, is how easy of a strategy it is to adopt, yet difficult to master.

Communication Is Key

Consulting your rental equipment dealer on snow fighting strategy ensures you’re properly equipped and provides expertise for a strategic edge.

The Case for Snow Relocation

Cleveland-area snow fighter Jerry Schill outlines three scenarios for removing and relocating snow piles on a client’s property.

Balancing All-Inclusive Contracts

With all-inclusive contracts, don’t base price solely on site conditions. Be careful to capture the hidden and often overlooked expenses and incorporate coverage for them into pricing for winter services.

ASCA Update

Doubling Down

Thoughts on collocating the 2019 ASCA’s Snow Show and 2019 ASCA’s Executive Summit in Pittsburgh this summer.

Come For The Show; Stay For The Summit

Pittsburgh plays host to both the 2019 Snow Show and the 2019 Executive Summit, creating a back-to-back week of next-level education, networking and leadership.

Model Gains

Legislators in two New England states weigh adoption of ASCA’s model legislation, with the goal of passage in multiple states in 2019.