May 2016


Viva Fort Meyers!

The 2016 Executive Summit is heading back to the beach this August.

Bunker mentality

You don’t have to seclude yourself into a doomsday bunker to be oblivious to the industry changes that are happening around you, and how the agents of change are striving to not only improve business conditions, but to legitimize our industry.


Cover Story

The State of the Snow Industry

Coming off a mild winter many of you would like to forget, we crunch the numbers on Winter 2015-16 and explore snow and ice manager feedback on how they survived and how they’ll approach next season.

The State of Salt

A lackluster winter creates a scenario where it’s a buyer’s market for salt and deicing products heading into Winter 2016-17. Our expert breaks down the state of the market.

Dead end?

Snow and ice managers share the impact of Winter 2015-16 and their plans to overcome.

Sales & Marketing

Social Introvert

Social media marketing is a new tool in the entrepreneur’s business success kit. Properly used, it promises business expansion and profit growth.

Perfect fit

The secret for having great sales and great customer service is to understand they are tied closely to each other.

Feed your hunger pains

Do you have an appetite for more sales? Five techniques to implement today to increase sales tomorrow.


In fighting shape

The single most important part of any successful business is the equipment used to operate that business. Build a fight-ready fleet that meets all of your winter needs.


Self Insurance 101

Self-insurance can help your business lower its premium expenditures and take control of low-level risks.

Battling for independent contractor status

Cracking down on employee misclassification is a proven revenue generator for the IRS. Why that crackdown should worry the average snow and ice management contractor.

Stay on track

Subcontractors and dealers can help you finish the job when a plow goes down.

12-month relief

Put clients on year-round service plans to ease snow removal headaches.


Training Day

Develop an employee training program that will deliver real results to the bottom line.

Inside-the-Box Thinking

Your frontline employees are keyed in on ways to increase profits, streamline operations and improve your ROI. How to take advantage of what they're telling you.

Build your Brand

Apply the same principles to your work and life to define, communicate, and protect your personal brand.

Connections that pay off

Game-changing opportunities are everywhere, but they won't magically reveal themselves. The only way to access these gems is via networking.