August 2021



Q & A

Strategic Opportunities

Piscataqua Landscaping’s President and CEO Justin Gamester talks candidly about the M&A process, what actions are required to make them successful, the impact on strategic planning and growth, and the critical role the “people equation” plays when engaging in these deals.

Director’s Note

Year Over Year

ASCA Executive Director Kevin Gilbride draws some perspective on the formula for success from Snow Magazine’s annual Top 100 list.

asca update

The Next Level

ISO-Certification increases your stature as a professional snow and ice management company and raises the bar for service and client satisfaction.

Cover Story

Hunting Big Game

There’s a lot on the line when pursuing large, complex properties. Our experts outline what you need to know before placing a big-game property in your sights.

Kick it into Gear

Four quick tech fixes to get your digital presence updated and back working toward your business goals.

What’s In A Name?

Learn the keys to integrating your client’s name into the conversation and watch your sales increase and your relationships strengthen.

Document Everything!

Every snow pro knows the importance of solid recordkeeping and slip-and-fall mitigation. Learn what records Uncle Sam expects you to hold on to, and how this work for or against you.

Bankruptcy: A Business Owner’s Survival Tool

Declaring bankruptcy is often the best tool to return an financially strapped snow ops to solvency. Learn how you can speed up saving your company by choosing the correct bankruptcy option.


About Face

What you need to know about the recently withdrawn independent contractor rule and how snow professionals should determine whether a service provider is an employee or not.

Recruiting 911

Filling empty seats at your snow ops is a full-time job. Here’s the low down on how to foster a successful employee recruitment program.

Brace for Price Increases

A number of factors are impacting the availability of items vital to snow and ice management and price points as the industry preps for Winter 2021-22.


Feeling It Out

Often how you perceive and view a client or employee dictate how well an important conversation will go with them.

Tune In To Your Inner Voice

How many times have you wished you had trusted your gut? Snow Magazine contributor Dan Coughlin explains intuition and the advantages of tuning into and listening to your inner voice.