August 2019


Cover Story

Cyber LockDown

A cybersecurity awareness culture is critical to the success of your company. Employees must understand how their actions impact the cybersecurity posture of your company.

Quit Struggling & Find Great Talent

It's a tight labor market and the old methods of hiring no longer work. Here are tips to improve your chances of finding a great employee.

The Key is Culture

Establish a foundation that assures that field workers, managers and new hires of all kinds feel like they are on the same team.

Constructive Countdown

Learn the appropriate time to address employee issues so your feedback has maximum impact.

Cultivate More Sales

Target marketing provides a disciplined approach to crafting highly effective marketing messages that drastically influence sales.

Sell To Your Employees

Sales coach Weldon Long provides three critical tips to successfully sell your workforce on new concepts, strategies and direction.

Change of Perspective

Could your snow ops benefit from a change in accounting methods? Analyze the pros and cons before making any permanent changes and be sure the IRS knows what you're up to.

Change people? Or, change people?

No one every said leadership was easy. One snow industry leader’s formula for professional development that impacts your entire team.

Stand Out As A Leader

While it may come easier to some than others, everyone can develop skillsets that’ll make them effective leaders.


Cut The Bull

Three BS excuses for failure in the snow and ice management business and why they don't cut it.

Organize. Automate. Dominate.

If your dream is to grow and scale your business to be the powerhouse in your market, then achieve it following these three steps.

Sizing Up The Customer

It is better to walk away with nothing than move forward and be stuck with a bad situation.

Foot-In-Mouth Disease

Saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time can place your company at risk. Common communication blunders to be aware of and avoid.

Digital Warfare

Cyber security losses are real. Consider a layer of coverage that would protect your operations in the event of a breach.

The Price for Peace of Mind

Slip-and-fall is a top concern, but are you covered for other business-related liability? Learn what’s trending and how to protect yourself.

ASCA Update

Mountain? or Mole Hill?

Achieving ISO 9001/SN 9001 certification may not be as difficult as contractors imagine. Tammy Johnson, who conducts pre-certification assessments, shares what she experiences in the field.

Momentum in Massachusetts

The ASCA is generating support in the state legislature and it could become the next state to adopt the association’s model legislation.