August 2016


Cover Story

Buy, Sell, Grow?

It’s no mystery that you need a long-term strategic plan, but which path to follow will take more than a good guess. We outline your options.

BUY: Pull the trigger

Absorbing a competitor is one way to grow exponentially overnight, as well as bolster your ranks. But does this path make financial and strategic sense?

SELL: At the crossroads

Every owner evaluates what they have and ponders whether to hold ‘em or fold ‘em. Sometimes the answer is as clear as mud.

Pinching pennies

Growth is meant to increase revenue, not leave you in red ink. Five small-budget growth ideas you can use right now.

Scared of your shadow

Are you too timid with your growth plans? Accomplishing small goals can result in big changes for your snow op.


Abiding by time

With a new Department of Labor rule going into effect Dec. 1, employers will have to reevaluate how they pay workers ahead of time.

Prepare for more pay

The answers to 10 questions business owners and managers have about the Department of Labor’s new overtime rule.

Risk & Liability

Safety first

Untrained employees are a danger to themselves and everyone they’re working next to out in the field. We outline some important tips for training newbies in your snow ops.

Mind your Manners

In a world crowded with sincerely insincere messages, six suggestions for adding social niceties and common courtesy back into your customer service practices

Expect the best

Three strategies leaders use to get more out of their employees, and each is rooted in trust.

ASCA Update

21 company salute

Nearly two dozen snow and ice management companies in the US and Canada have earned their ISO 9001/SN 9001 certification

The road to ISO certification

Nearly two dozen companies have earned ISO 9001/SN 9001 certification, and as many – if not more – are nearing the auditing process. For those of you on the fence about whether this is right for your company, Tammy Johnson, who conducts pre-certification assessments, shares what she’s seeing and the trends she’s noticing.