Apologies to Shakespeare’s Richard III, but “Pages, pages! My kingdom for more pages?”

It’s a challenge every print editor faces – lots of great content, but never enough pages to print it all on. And by some media standards, I’m downright spoiled. Due to our 10 advertising partners’ generosity (tip of the hat) Snow Magazine is committed to four 100-page issues every year. But somehow, that’s still not enough pages.

Case in point: This year’s Top 100 coverage. In a nutshell, every year we compile a list of North America’s 100 leading snow and ice companies based on the proceeding winter’s revenue. To most readers’ consternation, we don’t reveal the ranking until the evening of our Leadership Awards and Top 100 ceremony held during Executive Summit.

This year, I wanted to add a bit more depth and meaning to the evening’s Top 100 reveal. So, I asked those companies in attendance to share how they practice leadership in their communities through philanthropic and charitable programs and services they support during the year.

Frankly, I hadn’t anticipated the depth of giving our industry’s companies and their employees are involved in. One after another, companies answered my query with heartfelt stories about the how and why behind their generous efforts to give back. I was flabbergasted.

That evening, we shared those stories as company reps came up to the dais to receive their plaques, and those accounts really added a new layer of appreciation for those in our industry.

Back in the office, putting together this issue, I realized we just don’t have enough pages to fit all of the anecdotes from the Top 100 ceremony into the print issue. OK, we’ll do what we can to highlight some of them in the print issue. Then, in the digital edition, where virtual pages flow endlessly, we’ll include all of them along with images of the company reps in attendance receiving their plaques.

Then it struck me: Not everyone on this year’s Top 100 list could make it to Executive Summit, but I bet they have some great narratives on how they give back to their communities. Heck, not everyone in the snow and ice industry takes part in Top 100, but many of those companies would be proud to share how they contribute back.

So, I’m extending my initial invitation to the entire industry. I want to share how you exercise leadership in your communities through the charitable programs and endeavors you’re involved with in the places you call home. What do you, your company and your employees do that makes a difference, or eases the pain and suffering of those less fortunate? How have you tackled a problem by being a part of the solution?

Forward those stories via email (Subject: Giving Back) to me at mzawacki@gie.net. From there, we’ll share them whenever we can – in future issues, online, through the biweekly enewsletter, via social media, etc.

Just like we celebrate business successes, we want to throw a spotlight on the admirable, under-appreciated and often unrecognized work you do as true industry leaders.