The ASCA’s legislative efforts are back in full force after the pandemic derailed our forward progress last year.

The ASCA’s model legislation, the Snow Removal Limited Liability Act, which has become law in Illinois, Colorado and Connecticut, makes a contract null and void when the property owner or property management company passes their liability onto the snow and ice management company.   

I know minimal legislative news has come out of the ASCA over the last year, but we anticipate reversing that trend as we regain momentum on a number of our initiatives. Here’s what’s happening on the legislative front.

In Pennsylvania, House Bill 1665 was introduced earlier this year.  It was assigned to the Insurance Committee in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  We continue to work with our partners in Pennsylvania behind the scenes to get this legislation out of committee and onto the House floor for consideration, discussion and eventual passage.

In Massachusetts, our legislation was introduced in the state senate as S1249. It has been sponsored by Bruce E. Tarr, Senate Minority Leader in the Massachusetts State House, and has been assigned to the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development.  The committee held a virtual hearing in late September, and at which time I, along with a few other Massachusetts snow professionals provided testimony.  At the time I wrote this column, we were still waiting to hear what action the committee will take on the legislation. I remain very optimistic because last year the committee gave it a favorable recommendation. The bill, though, never made to the Senate floor because, like so many other pieces of legislation, it was delayed due to the pandemic.

The ASCA also has a number of legislative irons in the fire in a number of other snow states, however, it’s just too early to report any definitive updates on their progress at this time. Be on the lookout for future Legislative Alerts in your email inbox.

You, the average contractor, can stoke the fires for legislative change in your state. I always recommend snow professionals reach out to their elected representatives to let them know you would like them to support the ASCA’s model legislation. 

In states where we have active legislative pending, your message can be short and sweet.  Simply tell your elected representatives: “We would like you to support House Bill [and the number].  This legislation would go a long way in helping professional snow and ice management companies in your district.”  

You can locate your representatives’ contact information through their websites.  For example, in Pennsylvania the website is, and in Massachusetts the website is

It only takes a minute to send an email, but it goes a long, long way in getting elected officials to take action when they hear directly from the people they’ve been charged to represent. Remember, you hold their votes when it comes time for re-election. 

On the eve of Winter 2021-22, have a successful, profitable and safe snow season.