It’s tough to accurately measure success in the association business. How do you really measure it? Is it simply by the amount of red and black ink you’ve used in your ledger? If not, then how do you quantify true success? Is it by the number of programs available to members? Is it the length of the list of member companies? Or the number of individuals who earn their ASCA-C? The number of bills introduced to state general assemblies or signed into law by governors?

Under the traditional analytics of success, the ASCA has had a great year. We exceeded our financial budgets, both at the top and bottom lines. That’s an easy way to say we are successful. Other measurements of success include:

  • Membership has increased at a 25 percent pace in 2018, providing the ASCA with more than 600-member companies
  • More than 800 individuals have earned their ASCA-C
  • The number of ISO9001/SN9001 certified companies continues to grow
  • Association events continue to grow, with this year giving us the largest attendance ever at both Executive Summit and Legislative Day on the Hill
  • Legislatively, Colorado enacted the ASCA’s model legislation into law, and we have the same legislation moving in six other states. At the federal level, we have established relationships with people who can make things happen for us. We will continue to foster those relationships in the coming year

Another way we measure success is by looking at how we are helping our member companies. In some cases, members are simply unable to obtain adequate, or any, insurance. Through the ASCA and our programs these professional snow and ice managers have been able to obtain insurance coverage.

In other instances, ASCA-C companies and ISO9001/SN9001-certified companies are enjoying significant savings on their insurance. In fact, we have reports of companies saving anywhere from 10 percent to as high as 40 percent on their insurance costs. This is a significant impact on your bottom line.

ISO9001/SN9001-certified companies benefit in two ways. First, they operate with improved processes and procedures, making their companies leaner and more efficient, all of which leads to greater financial success. Additionally, certification is a sales/marketing tool that companies can utilize to grow their businesses. As a result, we are seeing more and more RFP’s from major companies inquiring about the ANSI/ASCA Industry Standards and if companies are ISO9001/SN9001 certified. Those who are certified are winning more winter work.

These are all important. Some are more than others while others are needed for other successes to happen. For example, we can’t be successful on legislative issues if we are not financially solvent.

Finally, there is one more success I’d like to highlight, but I am not sure of the proper way to measure it. Six years ago, when I attended association meetings and industry shows, there was always a lot of complaining about the snow and ice side of contractors’ businesses. In a nutshell, people griped that there were a lot of industry problems and no one was addressing them.

Today when I attend events, there is a lot positive energy, and talk focuses less on problems and centers more on solutions. A lot of that is directed at the ASCA’s programs and the success we are having with legislation at both the state and federal levels. In fact, I had a member tell me recently, until the ASCA was around, we didn’t have a lot of hope. Today we do.

I believe providing hope to an industry in peril is the ultimate sign of success. So, as we round out 2018 I can confidently say the state of association is positive and hopeful. We remain committed to a better tomorrow. So, if you’re not a member, join us and help build a better future.