Whether it’s through speaking engagements, one-on-one conversations, or this magazine, I devote a lot of time preaching the essentials for business success and excellence. Frankly, I often worry whether people take what we have to say seriously, so maybe I need to look inward? It’s easy to preach the gospel of good business, but if you don’t talk the talk, or walk the walk, well…

Case in point, we spend a lot of words talking about ways to establish and strengthen customer service. Then I go and do something dumb like not return a phone call, follow-up with email, or say I’m going to do a story on something or someone and fail to see it through. When that happens I’ve let you down, and in doing so I take a small chip out of our credibility as an industry publication.

It’s the same for your snow ops. If you fail at your basic mission and you let down or fail to meet your clients’ expectations, then you’re just taking a chunk out of your own credibility. And as you are well aware, reputation and trust are so difficult to build, but really easy to tear down.

That’s why it’s time to review what it is we stand for at Snow Magazine. We do this exercise from time to time internally, but probably not often enough. It’s sort of like a mission statement (You have one of those, right?!?!) but more so … a public decree on what is expected day in and day out.

Excellence – We will lead the way in expecting the best from our efforts and endeavors. Our offerings, whether in print, digitally or in public, will be made with purpose and intent. We will set the bar. We will be the standard bearer.

Fairness – We will work to provide all sides of issues important to the industry. We will separate fact from fiction and provide you with data that will allow you to prosper.

The Well Being of All – Our mission is not only to help you grow and prosper, but to work to strengthen and improve every member of the industry. As they say, rising tides raise all boats.

Professionalism – A core endeavor, we will highlight examples of business done right. We shun negative stereotypes and spotlight those who create new benchmarks for others in the industry to follow.

Communication – We will educate and inform in every and all venues available to us, whether in print, online, digitally, via social media or face-to-face.

Going forward, hold me and everything we produce and put out there to these five statements. And when you think I’ve slipped and failed to live up to these markers, call me on it. I welcome an opportunity to talk through these issues and hear your feedback on how we can better serve you.

I also challenge you to do the same. Take these five statements, or write your own, and let your employees and clients know these are the standards by which your business operates. And if you begin to slip, encourage them to call you out on it, as well.